Alongside Butterworth at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation, The Exhibition Centre for the Use and Abuse of Books presented an evening of talks accompanying Gareth Jackson's Lord Horror - The Dark and Silver Age, an experimental film based on the Lord Horror oeuvre, described by Savoy as "a solid hour of monochrome menace, Hitlerian hubris and rock 'n' roll". This included presentations from broadcaster and art critic Bob Dickinson, art historian and journalist Michael Paraskos and academic Jonathan Barlow discussing Lord Horror, and the culture surrounding Savoy and their tumultuous history.

Bob Dickinson is a Manchester based broadcaster and art critic who has produced a number of documentaries for BBC Radio 4 and 1 on subjects relating to music, art and local history. He has been published widely in the local and national press including Corridor8, Michael Butterworth's current publishing project. For this event he will situate Savoy within the context of Manchester's counterculture and alternative cultural scenes during the 1970s and 80s.

Michael Paraskos was born in Leeds, and he studied at the School of Fine Art at the University of Leeds. Later he gained his doctorate, researching the aesthetic theories of Herbert Read, from the University of Nottingham. He is now lecturer in Art History at the City and Guilds School of Art in London, and is the founder and lead organiser of the annual conference Othello’s Island. Michael will be giving a talk based on his review of Reverbstorm that was published in The Spectator in 2013, whereby he approaches the graphic novel from an art historical perspective.

Jonathan Barlow is currently working on his Masters in English Literature at Manchester Metropolitan University. His research interests relate to the interaction between visual art and prose put forth in his paper New Worlds and Reverbstorm, delivered at the University of East Anglia for the Science Fiction 'New Wave' At Fifty conference. He has also kindly co-ordinated a playlist of music relating to Savoy and their publications for the exhibition preview on 14th August.

Operating in the North West of England Gareth Jackson who was present at the screening is a conceptual artist, experimental filmmaker and occasional author. He is also the producer of Speculative Fictions, an e-annual that aims to marry conceptual art with science fiction writing. He lives with a wife and three cats – none of which are familiars.