Corridor 1 The Exhibition Centre for the Life & Use of Books with Kamran Ali. First in a series of 6 videos by artists commissioned in response to a collection of zines edited and published by Michael Butterworth in the early 1970s. The Corridor and Wordworks 'zines 1-7 featured experimental art and writing, exploring the interplay between text and image that characterises much of Butterworth's own work and that of his publishing label Savoy, co-founded with David Britton in 1976. In 2009 Butterworth's interest in conceptual art caused him to re-launch Corridor, under the new moniker Corridor8.

Corridor 2 - Clara Casian A Savoyard's first brush with censorship. A film that looks at the context behind the publishing work of M. Butterworth and the early signs of censorship in the 1970's Manchester, through personal stories, records and archive footage. The film is structured in a 'cut-up' fashion as found in the works of William S. Burroughs and the layout options to the likes of Corridor 2, 1971.

Corridor 4 - Faye Spencer Perhaps I read this magazine wrong. I believe it came to me in the post printed in the correct order (the Contents section indicates that the magazine was deliberately jumbled on publication a playful approach to text of which I'm particularly fond) but I bullishly tried to re-arrange it into what I thought was the right order, and so none of the pieces were read as intended. Embarrassed, I decided not to tell anyone about my error, and persisted with my fragmented understanding of the magazine.

Corridor 5 - Bristol Diving School Bristol Diving School is the name of a building where an artist collective was formed in 2009. The initial objective of the project was to erase the individual authorship of an artwork through negotiation between those collaborating in its conception and production. Collaboration informs the project as both method and subject. As such, all accreditation of work produced is made to Bristol Diving School the project is the author, the artist. An ongoing research project coordinated by Bristol Diving School can be found at

Corridor 7 Rosanne Robertson & Debbie Sharp This video is of a live one off action with live sound track with no rehearsal or cuts. Rosanne Robertson is an artist based in the North of England working with vibrations, objects and the body. Robertson was selected as an emerging live artist by Doodlebug for Dazed and Confused. Her performance and installation residency project Risk Assessment for the Whisper Residency at The Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art was featured by Corridor8 and shows her multi-faceted approach to creating live environments and installed works made up from live sound, recorded sound, action, objects and video. Her practice explores structure-borne sound, the affect of sound and vibration on the body and the application of body and motion to objects, structures and surfaces during sound making. Deviance, chance and heightened emotional states drive Robertson’s work into areas of visceral experience.